Renault to Open Dedicated EV “Concept” Store

Renault has opened its first “concept store” in Europe — the Renault Electric Vehicle Experience Centre in Stockholm, Sweden — this weekend, according to an email sent to Cleantechnica.

This new Renault concept store will follow Tesla’s (now, proven) model, and be focused around electric vehicles (EVs), with the intent being to “educate” the general public about the value and functioning of such vehicles — to dispel common myths, among other things.

The new concept store — to be located in the popular shopping shopping center known as Täby Centrum, at the edge of the city — appears to represent Renault taking a page from Tesla’s book, in a way. Perhaps other auto manufacturers will follow suit before too long?

“We are delighted to be opening this store which will enable us to engage with people about electric mobility, help them to learn more about the subject and give them a chance to share their ideas. As Europe’s number one EV brand, we will be able to use this concept store to interact with the public and help people to understand the opportunities and benefits of electric motoring,” commented Gilles Normand, the Groupe Renault Senior Vice President for Electric Vehicles.

A press release from Renault’s PR department provides a bit more information on the matter:

    “Thanks to the physical and digital journey that has been designed specifically for this store, visitors will be able to familiarise themselves with the practicalities associated with electric mobility and find a personalised solution that matches their particular lifestyle. The concept store features a number of distinct zones, including a display of electric vehicles and areas where visitors will find information about charging infrastructure and systems, local legislation, subsidies, conditions of purchase and electric-vehicle-related services, as well as a place to relax and exchange ideas.”


Of course, visitors to the concept store will also be able to test drive various plug-in electric vehicles and experience new features like autonomous drive. They’ll also be able to directly place orders for the models in question. Essentially, the store is a dealership of Renault’s electric car models only, which is not a bad idea, all things considered. It will allow those disinterested in buying internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to avoid spending time at dealers that may not have the proper infrastructure to effectively sell electric models.

If it’s successful, Renault will follow through on plans to launch similar stores throughout Europe- and, possibly, even in the US with its Nissan and Infiniti sister brands. That move would align them, message-wise, with Tesla, and help to put cars like the new Nissan LEAF in the same spaces that are trying to attract Model 3 buyers. That could work!


By James Ayre, originally published by Cleantechnica.

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