New Ford Ranger Raptor Debuts w/ 210 HP Diesel Engine

Earlier today (or, yesterday- I don’t really understand time zones), Ford announced an all-new baby Raptor based on the all new Ford Ranger packing 201 HP and 369 lb-ft of TQ from a 2.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-4 diesel engine. So, yeah- you could say Ford is having a hard time reading the room.

Even though the diesel seems like a huge step backwards for Ford, tech-wise, there is no denying that the new baby Raptor will be ready to rumble when the going gets rough. That’s because the lifted is getting widened fenders, chunky BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires, a Watts Link rear suspension, and extended-travel Fox Racing shocks as standard.

If you still somehow manage to overcook a turn, the engineers saw fit to give the new Ford Ranger Raptor uprated, 13″ brakes and a clever host of “driving modes” that amount to a whole mess of electronic nannies meant to save the “No Fear” crowd’s bacon.

Ford says it worked to develop the new Ford Ranger Raptor in Australia, where the local Ford division that developed the T6 platform is based. That T6 frame underpinning the base Ranger and the mini Raptor version will also underpin a new Bronco arriving next year- which, you know, we totally predicted back in 2015. Not too long before we predicted that Ford’s new CEO, Jim Hackett, would make a bunch of stupid assumptions about millenials, double down on truck-buying bubbas, and let the company get left behind, tech-wise, so that he could pull off a cynical and short-sighted cash grab before leaping into retirement under a golden parachute woven together with UAW pension money … but only most of that has already happened, so I’ll hold off on another “I told you so,” for now.

Lest you disagree that Hackett’s Ford is somehow not abandoning the US to seek out less regulated pastures, consider this: that awesome-looking, kickass Ford Raptor Ranger up there? It’s RHD only, and will be sold exclusively in Australia and other Asia Pacific countries for the foreseeable future.

Come- join me in the comments section and voice your collective gripes and bitches so that Ford shareholders might read them. Worst case, we might get an Ecoboost Ranger Raptor in the US somewhat sooner than later. Enjoy!


Source | Images: Ford, via MotorAuthority.

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