Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept – is This the New Electric Infiniti?

The all-new Infiniti Q Inspiration concept is set to make its debut later this month at the Detroit Auto Show, and many people are speculating about what kind of power train the big Nissan Infiniti will be hiding under its shapely hood. Indeed, Autoblog even wrote that, “we suspect that this car uses, at minimum, a version of Infiniti’s variable-compression engine, and more likely features extensive electrification, if not a pure EV powertrain.”


Infiniti Q Inspiration’s Sexy Hood

Well, Infiniti just released the second picture of its upcoming concept (at top), and it doesn’t have any tail pipes. That just begs the question: is this, finally, the long-awaited electric Infiniti?

My guess? Sure- why not? Infiniti’s parent companies, Renault and Nissan, are both committed to ruling the EV roost. So much so, in fact, that they’ve presented their mainstream contender, the Nissan LEAF, as a longer-range “value” option against the Tesla Model 3. The only thing missing, then, is a legit luxury electric to go up against the Model S. But that’s me. What about you guys? Is this, finally, the electric Infiniti we’ve been waiting for, or just more Auto Show noise? Let us know what you think in the comments.


Sources | Images: Infiniti, via Car and Driver, Autoblog.

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