EV Tax Credit Survives Republican Tax Scam

The Republican tax bill that was rushed through both houses of Congress this week has been called worse things than a scam. That’s to be expected of a bill that guts health coverage for the working class while it reduces taxes on corporations and the very wealthiest Americans. One unexpected side effect of the bill, however, is that the electric vehicle tax credit has survived!

The final version of the Senate tax bill, reportedly, doesn’t include any language that would repeal the existing credits for EVs. In a statement released by the Electric Drive Transportation Association President, Genevieve Cullen said, “We are extremely pleased that members of the conference left in place the consumer credit for plug-in electric vehicles with the agreement for H.R. 1. This credit supports innovation and job creation while helping drivers access advanced vehicle technology. Keeping the plug-in vehicle credit in place is the right policy for consumers and for the nation. We appreciate the conferees’ support and will continue to work with Congress to advance US competitiveness through electric mobility.”

Maybe I’m getting jaded in my old middle age, but I think the survival of the tax credit just means rich guys want to keep buying $100,000+ Tesla sedans and passing the bill on to the middle class. Maybe I’m wrong- or, maybe, they want to find a way to reduce their operating costs and pass the buck on that, too!

What do you guys think? Is this a glimmer of hope that the Republicans are finally starting to come around on the subject of climate change and realize that this stuff about reducing dependence on fossil fuels is actually important, or is it the shiny new Tesla thing? Is it something else, entirely, even? Let us know what you think about this weird new development in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Images: US House of Representatives, via Jalopnik; Market Watch.

Jo Borrás

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