Drag Racing Legend Bob Glidden Passes at 73

Bob Glidden Dies - Thunderbird Launch

Bob Glidden has passed away after a brief illness, at the age of 73. For those of you who are a little younger, or who don’t follow drag racing at all, your day will go on. The rest of us have been dealt a savage emotional blow, and will need you to be nice, because one of our greatest heroes has left us.

Drag racing legend Bob Glidden was, unquestionably, one of the fiercest competitors in the history of the sport. He scored 85 national level wins and won 10 NHRA Winston championships in a span of just 16 years against other legendary names like John Force and Don Garlits. Simply put, Bob Glidden dominated his era.

Better men than me will eulogize Mr. Glidden with more flowery words. They will speak of his devotion to his wife, Etta, and sons Billy and Rusty. They will write about his 1994 heart attack, and the determination he must have had to possess to come back from that, and win. They will talk of Ford all but abandoning Glidden, after he carried their flag almost single-handed for the better part of two decades. I will leave you, however, with the only thing that occurred to me when I read of his passing: fuck 2017.


Sources | Images: Dragzine, Hemmings.

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