Formula 1 – Liberty Media May Cut “Grid Girls” from the Show

Formula 1 is promoted as the highest form of motorsport. A showcase of daring, speed, bravery, wealth, technology, and grid girls. And- yeah, that last part about the women doesn’t seem to fit in today’s more delicate respectful climate, does it?

“We’re trying to respect all parties,” the Liberty Media-appointed F1 supremo, Ross Brawn, told BBC Radio 5 live. “There’s a lot of people respect the tradition of the grid girls and there’s people who feel that it has become a bit dated, so we’re addressing that.”

Racers like Sarah Fisher and Katherine Legge, to name just two examples, have proven time and again that women can race with the big boys. Even in Formula 1, women like Lella Lombardi- who scored her first points at the 1975 Spanish Grand Prix by finishing ahead of legends like Clay Regazzoni and future F1 champions Mario Andretti and Jody Sheckter- have proven that the task of driving an ultra-fast race car is not gender exclusive.

What do you (gender-inclusive) guys think? Is the grid girl an outdated concept, or is it an F1 tradition worth keeping around for a while longer? I think I know what Keiko Ihara would say– but you need to tell me, in the comments.


Sources | Images: BBC, Talk Sports.

Jo Borrás

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