Continental is Bringing New Wireless EV Battery Tech to CES

Continental claims it’s developed a new, two-part battery charging systems to benefit pure and hybrid-electric cars, and it has plans to showcase its new battery tech at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The first part of the two-part tech innovation put forward by Continental involves wireless induction charging. It’s a concept familiar to smartphones, and one that’s being explored by other companies as well. The idea is to transfer charging power wirelessly from a ground-based charging pad to a receiver pad on the underside of the vehicle.

Nothing much new, then, in wireless charging- but it’s the second part of this idea that makes it interesting. Continental has developed what it’s calling a “micro navigation solution” that uses magnetic field sensors integrated in the ground pad to more accurately position the vehicle. The pad receives signals from the EV and responds by sending sensor data to the vehicle. When it works- and Continental is promising that it works even if snow or leaves are covering the pad- it can give EV drivers up to 90% better efficiency than parking sensors on the market today. At a charging rate of 11 kW and this new level of efficiency, a 20-minute charge can provide 20 km (about 12 miles) of additional driving range.

And- because it’s 2017, natch- Continental is promising a new app to go along with its proposed new charging infrastructure. You can get a quick snapshot of that, below, and we’ll all find out more at CES in January.


Continental Has Plans for EV Apps, Too

Jo Borrás

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