Twitter Map After Tesla Semi Reveal ID’s Areas Of Interest

If you read this blog, chances are you are a committed fan of electric cars, which means you think everyone else is, too. Following the reveal of the Tesla Semi last week, the people at Gearheads, using software with direct access to geotagged Twitter data, tracked the number of “Tesla” tweets over the past month. Then they ran their software again but searching this time for the keywords “electric cars and electric vehicles.”

Twtitter map of Tesla Tweets

The results from the second analysis were virtually the same. Then the results from both were combined into the chart you see above. Notice anything interesting? Yup, interest in Tesla and electric cars in general varies considerably by state and region. If you live in parts of the country where radio stations are required by law to play Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” at least once an hour, interest is almost nonexistent.

On the other hand, if you live anywhere along the Left Coast or Illinois, interest is strong. California, it appears from the data, is ground zero for rabid Tesla and electric car fans. It would be interesting to correlate the data with information about EV incentives available in the various states. Colorado has a generous incentive program. The Dakotas? Not so much.

The folks at Gearheads also did another interesting thing with their Twitter data. You may recall that Elon Musk interrupted the Tesla Semi event to introduce the next generation Tesla Roadster. The graphic below shows the number of tweets during the event. Those about the Semi are shown in blue. Those that mention the Roadster are shown in red. Notice anything interesting? (Click on the image to see what happens when the Roasters appears on stage.)

Tesla  Roadster tweet chart

Yup, the Twittersphere was pretty active during the Semi event but it went totally beserk when the Roadster showed up. I have seen comments recently from people who think the Roadster is a total waste of time and resources. This graphic makes it abundantly clear why those who think that way are wrong. Elon is all about marketing. People are interested in the Semi but they are positively blown away about the Roadster. Well played, Elon.

Hat tip to Ryan  Taylor at Fresh Mechanism who passed these images along to me via e-mail.

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