Professional Troll Laura Loomer Banned From Uber

From its labor rights issues to its driver protection issues to the allegations of rampant and systemic sexism in its highest ranks, we’ve certainly covered our fair share of Uber’s lows. This past week, however, the new, Kalanick-free Uber reached a new high. Maybe not a business high, mind, but certainly a moral high- when it banned racist Twitter troll Laura Loomer for her hateful, Islamophobic, and un-American tweets following last week’s terror attack in New York.

This Horrible Tweet Got Laura Loomer Banned

To her “credit”, Loomer is really good at pandering to her base of mouth-breathing, neo-Nazi cousinf***ers the lowest common denominator. To drive her/their awfulness home, she even went so far as to suggest the creation of a non-Islamic ride sharing service- a tweet that was promptly liked several hundred times at the time of this writing.

And, lest you think I’m exaggerating, here it is …

… so, yeah. I would say Uber is starting to head in the right direction. At least a little bit in the right direction, anyway, since you can never really celebrate well-deserved come-uppances on people like Laura up there, enough. You know?

Or, maybe you don’t know! Maybe you think I’m the one who’s full of it and you fully support Loomer. If that’s the case, let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page. I promise you’ll only get banned from Gas 2, and not from Uber (probably). Enjoy!


Source | Images: Twitter, via Gizmodo.

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