Hydrogen Powered Bike Has 60 Mi Range, 2 Min Fill Time

First launched as a proof of concept for its compact hydrogen fuel cell technology back in 2014, Pragma Industries believes its pedal-assist electric bicycle is- finally!- ready for prime time. The French company signaled its intent to sell bikes to the mainstream European commuter, too, with a 100 km (62 mile) and a “charge time” of just 2 minutes.


The Secret Behind the Pragma Alpha’s Numbers

Pragma Industries Hydrogen Fuel Cell

I put “charge time” in scare quotes because the Pragma Aplha isn’t a conventional, battery-powered ebike. Instead, it’s powered by a hydrogen fuel cell (that one, up there, specifically). A fuel cell that, the company claims, offers a number of significant advantages over conventional batteries- advantages that include more consistent range and performance in extreme hot and cold weather and a more accurate H2 gauge that’s better at accurately communicating remaining energy and range to the bike’s rider.

Granted, the bike has a number of problems facing its widespread adoption. Hydrogen might not be as clean as many people think, for starters, and- despite a number of very smart, “in the know” people saying hydrogen is the future– the infrastructure necessary to fill the Alpha simply isn’t there (at least, not yet).

There was no word in any of the source materials I read about pricing or US availability for the Pragma Alpha, either- which is just as well. Cool as the technology might be, this is little more than a moped in that you’re still attached to a filling station. Still, it’s a tightly engineered package that’s worth a look- check out these photos from Design Boom, below, and let us know what you think of this hydrogen ebike in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Pragma Alpha Hydrogen Fuel Cell eBike

Source | More Photos: Design Boom, Pragma Industries.

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