Porsche Mission E Priced To Take On Tesla Model S


Speaking at the Frankfurt auto show, Porsche boss Oliver Blume told the press the company’s upcoming Mission E dual motor, four door, four passenger electric car will go on sale in 2019 and will be priced like an “entry-level Panamera” — the Porsche sedan that starts at $85,000. It is no coincidence that the Tesla Model S 100 D also has dual motors and begins at $87,200.

Porsche Mission E

Tesla is clearly the target for the Porsche Mission E, which is interesting when you think about it. The Model S has only been on sale for about 5 years but already it has become enough of a thorn in Porsche’s side that the German company is investing €700 million to build a new production facility at its Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen facility. It expects to add 1,000 workers to build the Mission E and is expanding its engine factory to build more electric motors.

Comparisons between the Porsche and the Tesla are bound to happen. The Porsche, with its low slung, 911 inspired styling may get the nod in the looks department. The interior will also feature such gee wizardry as Minority Report-like gesture controls for its infotainment and climate systems. Blume claims a 0 to 100 kilometer per hour speed of 3.5 seconds, 0 to 200 kph of 12 seconds, a range of 300 miles, and a top speed of more than 155 miles per hour.

However, Blume says the Mission E will come standard with the ability to recharge its battery to 80% capacity in a mere 15 minutes using an 800 volt, 350 kW charger. That’s wonderful news, except that Tesla will have 10,000 of its Superchargers in operation before the end of this year. Porsche has about three of its high power chargers installed in and around its headquarters. Advantage, Tesla.

Blume says, “The design is fixed. It is very close to what you saw two years ago at Frankfurt. It will be exciting but a bit different from the concept.” He expects pre-production prototypes to be travelling in and around Stuttgart in the very near future as the company gears up for production. Porsche is contemplating other electric car models based on the Mission E chassis and technology but is keeping those plans under wraps for the time being. First things first.

So, assuming you have around 90 Large to spend on an electric car, which would you choose, the Porsche or the Tesla? Let the games begin.

Source: Car Magazine

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  • Michael Duckett

    So, Porsche is building a Tesla. That you cant charge anywhere.

  • samster11

    The smart person would go for Tesla everytime.

    -Way ahead on innovation.
    -Superchargers on most continents
    -Commitment to sustainable energy , not merely a “me too” car

    And never forget who Porsche’s parent company is and how they tried to decieve everyone and continue to contribute to the early deaths of tens of thousands due to particulate emissions.

  • WebUserAtLarge

    Advantage to Porsche:
    – it looks good. (IMHO),
    – huge brand-loyal base to tap into with a compelling competitor.

    Advantages to Tesla Model S P1OOD:
    – faster,
    – longer ranged,
    – available right now.

    Cost/price – who knows? Two years is a long time. Once the G-factory(s) is(are) in full swing Tesla might drop the price once or twice again. Not sure Porsche could match those 5K drops.

    Another Model S re-fresh might also make it look more attractive. Same goes for the range/performance. Porsche has its plans locked in.

    Might also be the case that those who can afford the top of the line Tesla will just go ahead and buy a Mission E as well. So it might be more of a synergy situation rather then eating into each others sales. IMHO

    • Steve Hanley

      Good points all.

      • kevin mccune

        Wait for it, yes its coming the Companies Porsche and Tesla have announced mutual cooperation in making a one size fits all supercharger(Mr Musk has”walked the walk” turns out He was serious ” just kidding, wouldn’t it be nice?)
        When I make my first Billion,think I will buy a good used Kingair and a Tesla or Porsche, then start a company that specializes in lower cost disaster proof buildings for Hurricane,Tornado and Earthquake prone areas,with enough impetus I imagine we could make this building company take off with grants and have an engineering firm for desalination and water distribution( one of the big wants in areas stricken by Hurricanes)