Forze Delft VII Hydrogen LMP Set to Go Racing

We’ve been covering the Forze Delft hydrogen-fuel celled racing project off and on for a few years, now. Depending on who wrote the article, we’ve called it anything from “vaporware” to “a fun class project”, but we’ve never really called it what it’s about to become: a real racing car.


Forze Delft VII Chassis

Based on a carbon fiber monocoque LMP3 chassis by Adess, the Forze VII racing car shown here has been in constant development by students and staff at the Dutch University of Delft since 2008. In that time, the vehicle has evolved from a kart to a full-fledged LMP (LeMans Prototype) racer. And, to prove the hydrogen concept at the heart of the Forze, the school plans to enter it in for-real competition against gas-powered prototypes at August’s GAMMA Racing Day in Assen.

The cars racing against the Forze Delft team will be up against a car that can accelerate from 0-60 MPH in under four seconds before reaching a top speed of about 135 MPH. Those numbers won’t set the world on fire compared to other green-ish supercars like the McLaren P1 hybrid, but- combined with the car’s low weight and high levels of downforce contributing to exceptional braking performance and cornering speeds- it should be more than enough to cause a few headaches in the GT class.

Forze Delft eventually hopes to enter the car at the classic 24 Hours of LeMans endurance race under the Garage 56 program, which allows a 56th car to enter the event in order to showcase and advance innovative technologies.

Granted, some Gas 2 and Cleantechnica readers may not exactly be hydrogen “believers”, but a competitive racing car with no harmful emissions at the tailpipe is definitely something to be excited about, I think. What do you think- is Forze Delft on to something, or are you firmly in the “hydrogen is evil” camp? Let us know, in the comments.


Hydrogen-powered Forze Delft VII

Source | Images: Forze Delft.

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