New Fueling US Forward Video Warns Of Danger From EV Subsidies


Fueling US Forward is a front group for the Koch Brothers. Its mission is to promote the use of fossil fuels so its masters can get even wealthier and continue their quest to buy the entire US government.

Fueling US Forward

A few weeks ago, it released a video that does a hatchet job on electric cars, suggesting that they pollute the environment far more than conventional cars could ever do. It went on to claim EVs  endanger the health of poor black children in Africa who are forced to eke out a subsistence living by digging cobalt from the ground with their hands.

Now it is back with Round Two in its campaign of lies and deception. This time, the video tries to create class warfare by suggesting that government subsidies for electric vehicles are a giveaway to rich people that leaves middle class and poor Americans holding the bag.

Could two of the wealthiest people in the world be any more two faced in their quest for more money? The direct and indirect subsidies provided by governments worldwide to the fossil fuel industry amount to more than $5 trillion dollars a year, according to the International Monetary Fund. That’s more than $10 million per minute.

That’s perfectly OK with Charles and David Koch, though, because greed is good. Gordon ¬†Gecko said so. But let someone get a $7,500 tax credit for purchasing an electric car and it’s “The sky is falling, we must run and tell the king!” time for the Kochs. Mustn’t let anyone else get a piece of our pie. We want it all for ourselves.

When you watch this video, jot down a list of the lies you find and share them with us in the comments section. Then keep that list in mind when the next election rolls around. Because the same people who caused this video to be created own the majority of Republicans in Congress, virtually all of the #FakePresident’s cabinet, and good chunk of the judiciary. Not to mention the majority of governors in the US.

Their greed knows no limitations, no boundaries, and no restraints. The only thing that can restrain them is the power of the ballot box. The party line from Koch Industries and the dozens of fake institutes they fund is that government should not pick winners and losers in business. Yet government has conspired with them to help them amass their nearly limitless wealth, a fact they hope you will conveniently overlook.

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  • Epicurus

    To give the devils their due, the $7500 federal tax credit is a subsidy structured for higher income individuals. It’s a one year tax credit available in the year of purchase, and there is no carry forward provision so people with income tax liabilities less than $7500 in the year of purchase don’t get the full benefit of the subsidy. The subsidy should have been a point of sale rebate, like the cash for clunkers rebate, which was available to all regardless of income (assuming they owned a qualifying clunker).

    The Kochs have been quite smart. Right-wing Republicans have taken over government at all levels, including state government in about 2/3rds of the states, because the Kochs and their ilk funded Republican state legislative races which resulted in state Republican legislative majorities being able to draw gerrymandered voting districts which insure Republican majorities in Congress and in state legislatures even though these majorities are not representative of the electorate.

    Partisan gerrymandering makes a mockery of our electoral system.
    Whatever we have, it can’t reasonably be called a representative

    The sad thing is that the Supreme Court has allowed partisan gerrymandering to exist, just like it allowed slavery and Jim Crow to exist for 100 years before reversing course. Will the current Court outlaw partisan gerrymandering? I doubt it.

    • Steve Hanley

      I have said publicly more than once that there may be other, more effective ways to spend the money that goes into the federal tax credit program. Building charging infrastructure comes to mind. And yes, it does favor wealthier tax payers. California to its credit has placed an income cap on its own state incentives.

      That being said, the appalling hypocrisy of slamming federal incentives while collecting billions of them for yourself strikes me as indefensible. It is like the person who murders his parents and then asks for mercy from the court because he is an orphan.

      • Epicurus

        Oh yes, the hypocrisy of the Kochs and the other kleptocrats knows no bounds.

        Looks like Tesla is doing fine building its own infrastructure. What amazes me is why the other EV manufacturers didn’t just buy into the Tesla infrastructure and adopt Tesla’s recharging standard instead of adopting another standard and doing nothing about building out the recharging stations. It makes me think they really aren’t serious about the success of EVs. Imagine how great the charging infrastructure would already be if GM, Nissan, BMW and Ford had bought into the Tesla system several years ago.

  • Damien

    Thank you Steve for revealing their identity. Could also talk about how buying fossil fuels makes the 0.0001% super rich… Tesla could also make a video showing all the crimes committed by dictatorships that have remained in power thanks to oil money, while their people can’t buy food. Not to mention all the environmental destruction related to oil and gas extraction. Someone should actually do that and post it to Youtube as a response to that garbage and reveal who’s behind that propaganda as well. Otherwise a lot of uninformed people will fall for this nonsense.

  • M98987

    The fact is Solar Energy is put into the grid at PEAK DEMAND periods, where the nat-gas peaked plants charge the most money. So, it’s a lie to say these solar homes are costing the grid anything, they’re actually Saving the Utility Money.

    They also put a cap on PEAKER Plant pricing.

    Third, they kill the need for the utility to build MORE Peaker Plants, and the Cost Overruns that go with it, that typically are transferred Directly to the Rate Payer.

    So, no, Corporate Lies like the Tobacco Industry.
    Also, these proposals KILL JOBS, LOCAL JOBS, as Solar and Wind and EV’s are where the growth is. If you let a Utility or the Koch Bros determine Policy, your State will Enjoy an Republican Induced RECESSION.

    • Steve Hanley

      It is no coincidence that a lot of these tactics are identical to those pioneered by the tobacco companies.

  • M98987

    And these EV’s with their Federal tax credits.
    1) Show up in the Used Car Prices of almost all EV’s. They’re a STEAL in the Used Car Market right now, esp. Leaf’s.

    2) If you lease your EV BMW and Tesla return the Fed Tax Credit in Full, by lowering the List Price In The Lease. So you can get the full credit if you lease. They you have the option to buy the car at the end of the lease, of you so choose. Or allow someone else, in a LOWER Income Bracket to buy a great EV at a great Bargain Price.

  • WebUserAtLarge

    I’m all for the fastest adoption of EVs and abolishing the FF in the most expedient way possible. Here is my take on the subsidies issue. Some folks could use all the financial help they can get to an EV, some don’t and will buy one regardless of the intensives. Here is what I think the incentives should look like, assuming the total available from the government(s) is capped at a certain amount:

    – maximum available to the lowest income bracket through to the living wage bracket.
    – sliding negative scale from the living wage income bracket to, say $200K earners.
    – no incentives to those earning above the $200K/year mark.
    – no incentives on EVs costing over $50-60K.

    Hate the Koch brothers and how their war machine is manipulating the facts and the truth, but I think there is a fairness issue here that needs addressing.

    • Epicurus

      Since the most polluting cars are more likely owned by those with lower incomes, it makes sense to give these people the biggest subsidies, but unfortunately Congress represents the interests of the wealthy.

    • Steve Hanley

      Sensible proposals, imho.

  • Ed

    A number of the other Tesla owners I have met agree that we bought a $50,000 vehicle, and the rest of the price was our commitment to electrification. The rebates only makes it a bit easier to save the planet.

  • Burnerjack

    I have to agree that there is something amiss with tax credits for $90K vehicles.
    I didn’t see this as an attack on EVs though. Truthfully, I skimmed it.
    If it was, that would allude to the viability of the coming (if not already here) EV revolution.

  • bioburner

    Tax credits for the wealthy? They ( Koch brothers) are kidding right? The lower income types “cash in” that tax credit even if they don’t make enough to qualify…..They lease the EV and the leasing company collects the tax credit for them. Most Teslas today are purchased so the “Wealthy” get the tax credit.
    So hell no……. everybody benefits from the tax credit.

  • We all pay taxes. The wealthier pay more. I think it’s ok if they have some say in where their taxes are spent ( like EV subsidies), just like everyone else does, even if it comes in the form of a tax credit. Many people don’t realize how much of our taxes go towards petroleum industry subsidies already, and so don’t realize how much they are paying for government services and infrastructure that they and these big companies also use. So, really, as has been discussed already, drop subsidies gradually and let the real cost of gasoline drive people to EVs at an accelerated rate.
    I do appreciate the idea of subsidizing EVs differently for different income levels, that would help out those struggling the most to struggle a lot less, which is a good thing.