New Video Attacking Electric Cars Is Koch Brothers Propaganda


This article about a new video sponsored by the Koch Brothers that attacks electric cars was first published on CleanTechnica

Not content to push America toward fascism and line their pockets with cash from fossil fuel enterprises that negatively affect the health of millions, the deadly duo of Charles and David Koch have reached down from the executive suite to order up a video designed to paint electric cars as evil, death-dealing machines. It must be fun to have so much money that you can subvert entire governments with devious schemes to make even more money.

air pollution the Koch Brothers don't care about

Watch this latest video from the Koch-funded front group Fueling U.S. Forward, which has as its motto, “Discover the value and potential of fossil fuels.” Feel free to jot down the lies you can find as you go through this professionally prepared experiment in thought control. Feel free to share your list with others in the comments section.

The brainiacs behind this hatchet job are just a small piece of the vast Koch Industries empire, which has created a dizzying array of think tanks, institutes, research organizations, and shell corporations designed to do one thing and one thing only — make Charles and David Koch richer by stomping out any and all opposition to their business empire. Several of those organizations have played a major role in the attack on climate science over the past 20 years.

Thanks to their willingness to make graft legal, they have subverted much of the federal, state, and local governments in America so that they are stocked with pliable politicians anxious to do the Koch brothers’ bidding. Thanks to them and other like-minded individuals, we have Citizens United; extremists like James Inhofe, Scott Pruitt, and Kris Kobach; and a US Congress falling all over itself to repeal the Affordable Care Act so that the uber wealthy can get a multi-billion-dollar tax cut — even if it means tens of millions of Americans will lose their health coverage.

Emboldened by their success at buying all three branches of government, the Koch-sponsored interests don’t even bother to disguise their nefarious plans to make the government work for them any more. Last month they told members of Congress in no uncertain terms that the “piggy bank” of funds for political donations was closed until legislators repealed the hated ACA.

Morality, humanitarian concerns, and compassion have no place in the Kochosphere. They are Ebenezer Scrooge writ large — greedy, grasping overlords who revel in the misery of others so long as they benefit financially.

A complete catalog of the Koch brothers network and their dastardly deeds would be larger than the Encyclopedia Britannica. Fortunately, someone has done all the hard work of compiling some of that information for us. Jane Meyer, a writer for The New Yorker has published a book entitled Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right“Few had waged a more relentless or more effective assault on Americans’ belief in government,” Mayer writes.

Media Matters has done an extensive review of Mayer’s book, delving deeply into such topics as how the Kochs buy and control the media to advance their personal agenda. Readers will find disturbing parallels between the machinations of the Koch brothers and the media circus that surrounds the administration of #FakePresident Trump.

To fully understand how trash like the video from Fueling U.S. Forward gets made and distributed, it is necessary to understand the forces at work that created it. Sadly, in today’s world, where discussion is limited to sentences no more than 142 character long, in-depth thinking is difficult. That’s why even though Americans give Congress an approval rating of around 10%, incumbents get reelected 97% of the time.

The power of change is still in the ballot box, but unless people are willing to take the time to understand the issues and actually go vote, that power may soon be lost forever. The Koch brothers are counting on voter apathy and voters’ willingness to believe the last thing they hear. That’s all they need to make their dreams come true.

Source: EcoWatch

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  • Jim Smith

    Yet people keep voting for Democrats and Republicans….

    • Epicurus

      Only 55% of eligible voters voted in 2016 partly because these two parties have a virtual monopoly on the electoral process. The 45% who don’t vote think, why bother voting? Nothing will change.

      Support The Fair Representation Act.

      www DOT fairvote DOT org/fair_rep_in_congress#why_rcv_for_congress

      • Joe Viocoe

        RCV for Congress, and Approval Voting for President. This will open the ballot for serious third party candidates that will eventually remove the power concentration from just two parties and force candidates to take more moderate positions.

        Add the National Popular Vote for President so people living in safe blue and red states will know they have a vote.

        • Epicurus

          NPV absolutely. It is also promoted by Fairvote. It already has 61% of the electoral college votes needed to become effective.

          Can you summarize the difference between STV and ranked choice voting (RCV) in multi-member districts (The Fair Representation Act method), or are they the same thing?

          Frankly, if there are minor advantages to STV, I am willing to support The Fair Representation Act because it already has momentum behind it including a bill in Congress. It will provide representation for a variety of political views and parties (which we don’t have now).

          • Joe Viocoe

            There are many types of RCV, pretty much the same but with subtle differences.

            Looking at the Fair Representation Act description from their website…. They describe exactly STV, single transferable vote. So we are actually talking about the same thing all along 🙂

            The main points to take away that distinguish STV from other RCV… is how they adjust the threshold for winning based on how many seats in a multi seat district. And how votes over that threshold are transferred to the second choice. And likewise, when a candidate is eliminated by not meeting the threshold, those votes are transferred to their second choice.

            The system itself nearly eliminates gerrymandering since it increases the size of the districts to encompass more seats.

          • Epicurus

            In my experience the only people who know about RCV and multi-member districts are graduate students in political science. The oligarchs don’t want this information taught to the masses.

          • Joe Viocoe

            “The Masters tools will never dismantle the Masters house”
            I don’t believe it is possible for the this solution for so many of the problems in Congress, can be solved by congressmen. It does not seem likely that you will ever see more than a few percent of the members of Congress supporting reform.

            The high incumbency rate means that Congress is full of people who have used this very system we want to reform, to stay in office. If they have an IQ above 80, they will see that enacting this law would essentially destroy their career, Or at the very least, require them to campaign 10 times harder during every election.

            It may be better for our country, but it is career suicide and self-destructive for a Congress member to support this. For anyone successful in gaming the system as it stands, they have no incentive to change it to benefit others who will compete with them.

          • Epicurus

            Hell no, our congress people won’t want to reform our gerrymandered electoral system. It’s not in their interest.

            If we had an educated populace who demanded change, we might get it, but our schools insure that people remain ignorant.

  • Joe Viocoe

    It is really sad that people do not have critical thinking skills. Did it ever occur to them that a YouTube video may be lying to them? Yet they are so eager to eat this up as the truth.

    It was bad enough that the whole, rare earth metals, claim has gotten traction.
    Now we are gonna get so many comments from people claiming that electric car batteries have cerium in them.

    • Epicurus

      People who are taught as children to believe in invisible spirits, virginal conception, and reanimation after death are primed to believe anything uncritically as adults.

      • disqus-ting

        take away their education, and them and their children and grandchildren are your slaves forever.

        • Epicurus

          True, but what passes for education in the U.S. has the same result. Education here is not about critical thinking.

          • disqus-ting

            quality education it is.

  • Steve Hanley

    Wow. What a great conversation going on here. Thanks, lads!

  • fred smith the deplorable

    Put down the kool-aid, bud. You’ve already had enough to cause brain damage.