ChargePoint Making Big Moves In Electric Vehicle Charging In US And Europe

ChargePoint, one of the largest electric vehicle charging networks in the world, has made two significant moves this week that will see its network grow even larger. In the US, the company is taking over management of the GE electric vehicle charging network, which consists of 1,800 commercial and 8,000 residential chargers. ChargePoint will maintain GE’s existing software and commercial charging spots, helping to make the change to ChargePoint as easy and seamless as possible for existing clients and drivers.

ChargePoint electric vehicle charging network

ChargePoint In North America

Existing GE customers will have access to the ChargePoint app to locate available chargers, track their usage, and schedule charging sessions. “A reliable and consistent charging experience is crucial for fostering EV adoption and these are the key elements that ChargePoint has integrated into our business model for more than a decade,” said Pasquale Romano, CEO and president of ChargePoint.

“We are excited to expand our network with the acquisition of GE’s network and have worked closely with the GE team to ensure a seamless transition for customers and drivers. We are growing globally and are the best equipped to bring former GE customers and drivers into the ChargePoint family.”

With its comprehensive lineup of electric vehicle charging products, ChargePoint is able to serve customers wherever they go, whether at work, at home, or while travelling. It is laying the foundation for a future where electric mobility is convenient for anyone wherever they go.

ChargePoint In Europe

In Europe, ChargePoint has obtained an additional $43 million in funding that will be utilized to further accelerate development of its electric vehicle charging network on the Old Continent. Its European expansion will be made in partnership with Siemens, the German technology company. The new funds will add to the previous funding round of $82 million led by Daimler. Once completed, the ChargePoint network in Europe will offer a full range of charging solutions for passenger cars, electric buses, and electric trucks throughout the region.

“ChargePoint is committed to laying a foundation for the future of mobility and this latest investment by Siemens Energy Management will further catapult our vision of creating the most ubiquitous and easy-to-use charging network Europe has ever seen,” says Romano. “Investment and partnerships with technology leaders like Siemens will enable our team to accelerate the expansion in Europe and encourage EV adoption in the region. Growing support from influential industry players and investors demonstrates widespread confidence in our business model and product and service portfolio.”

ChargePoint currently has more than 35,900 charging spots globally. More than 7,000 companies have already partnered with ChargePoint and hundreds of thousands of drivers have chosen the ChargePoint network to meet their charging needs. With expansions now planned in both North America and Europe, it is well on its way to becoming the preeminent electric vehicle charging network in the world and is well positioned to be a leader of the coming electric vehicle revolution.

Source: ChargePoint

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