You Could Win a Tesla – Last Chance to Enter the Carbon Pricing Awareness Raffle

Boston-based nonprofit Climate XChange has had quite the busy month. In their work to put a price on carbon pollution, they helped organize a 200 person lobby day on June 13th, and played a key role in bringing over 400 people to a hearing on the legislation a week later. In the midst of this, they’ve been working hard to wrap up one of their biggest projects yet: the Carbon Pricing Awareness Tesla Raffle.

carbon pricing awareness

With just one week left, tickets are going fast, and we certainly can understand why. The prize is a win-win for both you and the planet. Tickets are just $250 and you could win any of the following:

  • Grand Prize: An awesome Tesla Model S sedan or Model X SUV valued at $120,000 and Climate XChange pays the federal income tax of $40,000 for your prize, so you don’t have to! In other words, the grand prize is worth a totally agreeable $160,000. Climate XChange is also throwing in a complimentary stay at the beautiful and luxurious Great Pines Resort in the Adirondacks, so you can kick back by the lake as you charge your new Tesla.
  • Amazing 2nd & 3rd prizes: Climate XChange helps you buy an early Tesla Model 3, with a reservation, deposit, cash, and a federal income tax payment! Second place adds up to $14,666, and third place weighs in at an $8,000 value.
  • The 4th place winner will take home $2,000.
  • The 5th place & 6th place winners will each take home $1,000.

Regardless of who wins, ticket holders can feel good about their purchase. All funds go to support Climate XChange’s work to implement carbon pricing in Massachusetts and in states across the country – a key tool to both curb climate change and stimulate the economy.

carbon pricing awareness

As they explain on their website, carbon pricing “would give energy producers and consumers a strong incentive to shift from fossil fuels to clean energy – while having the freedom to decide how to do so.” The policy would create thousands of jobs while improving the health of communities and the environment. A recent study found that a price on carbon in Massachusetts alone would save hundreds of lives and $2.9 billion on health care costs.

Climate XChange hopes to make Massachusetts a leader on climate change, serving as a model for the rest of the country. The bills the group supports would put a small fee on fossil fuels as they enter the state, then rebate most or all of the money back to households and businesses. Those that use less fossil fuels end up with a rebate check larger than the fee they paid. This mechanism helps protect consumers while making fossil fueled technologies less competitive than clean technologies.

To ensure that the rest of the US follows suit, Climate XChange is helping groups across the country to build similar campaigns through their State Carbon Pricing Network. They provide resources, research, and guidance, aiming to make carbon pricing a key element of state-level climate policy portfolios.

If you want to help push this important policy forward and get the chance to win a Tesla, enter the raffle today. The lucky winners will be drawn on July 4th, so get your tickets before it’s too late.

This post is supported by Climate XChange; images from Climate XChange.


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