Musk Tweets Autopilot 2 Upgrades Coming This Week, New Browser Next Month

Elon Musk was busy on Twitter over the weekend letting the world know that the full Autopilot 2 software will finally be rolled out via over the air updates this week. Cars leaving the factory now already have the new software installed. Musk says the new software will make Autopilot operate more smoothly.

musk autopilot tweet

More important than smoothness is the announcement that full emergency braking capability will be included for the first time in HW2 equipped cars. An upgrade for HW1 cars will also improve automatic braking for those cars. All of these upgrades and features will be available on the new Model 3, although not at the start of production.

Last month, Consumer Reports downgraded the Tesla Model S because it said the automatic emergency braking feature did not work as well as on some other premium cars. The testing company said it would reevaluate the situation once full functionality was available.

Also noteworthy is that the long awaited new browser for Tesla cars will be rolled out in a separate software update sometime next month. The release notes to this latest software update focus on two minor improvements that will be of interests to Tesla drivers.

Autopark: Perpendicular Parking

To make it easier to park in a variety of situations, Model S can now also back up into perpendicular spaces using Autopark. Drive completely past the space at no more than 10 mph until the ‘P’ appears in the instrument panel. Then use the same Autopark functions as in parallel Autopark – starting canceling, pausing, resuming, and so on.

Display Brightness

With Display Brightness, you can clearly see the touchscreen and instrument panel throughout the day and night. This feature adjusts screen brightness based on your Model S surroundings. It also learns from your preferences: if you adjust the brightness manually, Display Brightness uses your update to make future adjustments.

Display Brightness is enabled by default. To disable, uncheck Auto-adjust in Controls > Displays > BRIGHTNESS & MODES.

Below is a video showing the new improved version of Autopilot 2 in operation.

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