Foreign Automakers Ad Campaign Targeted Specifically At Donald Trump

Foreign automakers have a problem. The brain-addled Donald Trump is running around the world shooting off his mouth about how he is going to impose stiff new tariffs on cars imported into the US. Sadly, America’s chief executive is too stupid to realize that most of those foreign car companies also build cars in the US and employ lots of good, old-fashioned, red-blooded American workers to make them. What to do?

foreign auto makers ad targets Donald Trump

It used to be, if you were a company that wanted to get your message heard in Washington, you hired a lobbyist. But with The Trumpenator in charge of the Offal Office, you need to do things differently. The Association of Global Automakers, which includes such companies as Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Subaru, Hyundai, Kia, ​ and Nissan, has produced a new made-for-television ad campaign.

Other presidents were known to read now and again, but Trump eschews such effete traits. He gets the news he needs not from the Joint Chiefs, the CIA, or the FBI. When the Trumpster needs to know what is going on in the world, he tunes into Fox News or Morning Joe, then tweets about what he sees and hears hours later. The new ads are running exclusively on the television programs Trump is known to watch.

They are a based on the classic Morning In America ad created by the Ronald Reagan campaign in 1984. The ads feature lots of flags, bunting, and other symbolic gestures designed to make a president’s heart burst with patriotic pride. The hope is that they will educate America’s dumbest president about the realities of the marketplace before he drives American trade policies over a cliff and initiates a “Sunset In America” swan song for a once great nation.

The first ad in the series debuted June 4 on Meet The Press. “Given the importance of upcoming public policy decisions being made, we wanted to be sure that decision makers recognized us as broad and vibrant and global,” Global Automakers CEO John Bozzella told the press.

His group includes 6 of the 7 behind the campaign and a total of 12 foreign automakers. Despite the hopeful theme of the ads, those companies are clearly worried about the damage Trump could do to the North American auto industry if he follows through on his threat to renegotiate NAFTA.

“The key here is we have to make sure that the policy decisions before us are made the right way,” Bozzella said. “It’s important that policy makers recognize where the industry is today.” The Morning in America ad focuses on videos of cars being created on assembly lines and workers for different brands hoisting the American flag. Can you says “jingoism,” boys and girls?

The narrator begins with the “morning in America” phrase and ends with, “thanks to trade and open markets, our auto industry is stronger, prouder, and better than ever before. Why would we ever want to return to a time of less competition and less choice for consumers?”

Why, indeed?

Source: Automotive News

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