First Three Opel Ampera E Electric Cars Delivered In Norway

Norwegians feel about the Opel Ampera E — the Chevy Bolt for Europe — the same way Americans feel about the Tesla Model 3. They can’t wait to get their hands on one. Some people placed their order for one last September. On May 17, the first three Opel Ampera E hatchbacks were delivered. Not surprisingly, the trio was painted red, white, and blue.

Opel Ampera E deliveries begin in Norway

Electric cars are hugely popular in Norway, thanks to highly favorable government policies and incentives. It is Tesla’s biggest market in Europe. Today, about 25% of all new cars sold in Norway are electrics. The keys to the first three cars were handed over personally by Opel Norway boss Bernt G. Jessen in a brief ceremony last week.

“We are, of course, very proud of that Opel decided to choose Norway as the first European country to receive the Ampera E.We are also very proud that the international press launch for the car took place in Norway just a few weeks ago. Ampera E is a huge success for us,” said Jessen.

Already, Opel has received 4,000 orders for the Ampera E from Norwegian customers. The car has almost as much range as a Tesla Model S but costs less than half as much money. The five door hatchback style also appeals strongly to Norwegians for its family friendly proportions and ability to carry lots of cargo.

“I have been looking forward to a long time, and I’m very excited,” said Bente Østereng, who lives in Oslo. She ordered the blue car. The first trip the car makes will be to Torpet in Sweden this weekend. The whole family is looking forward to the journey,” she says. Turid Høiem took possession of the red car at  the presentation ceremony and Helmer Teksdal the white one.

“We will have several hundred cars on the road between now and the end of the summer, said Stein Pettersen, head of information for Opel Norway. “So these cars will probably be a common sight on Norwegian country roads in a short time.” Now that Opel has been sold to PSA Group, the Opel Ampera-E will be only GM sourced model available to Opel customers in Europe.

Source and photo credit: TV2 Norway


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