Classic Mini Moke is an EV for the Austin Powers Set

The electrification of classic Austin Mini models continues with the simple, ruggedly-built Moke. Thanks to the good people at Moke America- and some cheap battery technology from China- the classic, paramilitary mini is making a zero-emission comeback!

Moke America starts with the classic Mini design been in production (off and on) since 1964, but stuffs it full of a 95 Nm three-phase electric motor and lithium batteries. The resulting power train is good for a 25 MPH top speed and a ninety mile (optional) range, with an impressive (probably?) 60% claimed maximum gradeability.

Confession: I’m not 100% sure what gradeability is, and I’m not Googling it.

In any event, the 25 MPH should get your attention here, because it’s what enables the Moke as a Low Speed Vehicle, or LSV. LSVs like the electric GEM (classified as an NEV, in some states- for Neighborhood Electric Vehicle), are allowed on public roads but don’t have to adhere to the same strict emissions and safety standards that “regular” cars and autocycles have to.

Speaking of autocycles, Moke America is asking for early adopters to plunk down some pretty heavy deposits on their LSV, despite not listing any dealers or showing pictures of too many finished cars. That part of this should feel pretty familiar to anyone who’s been following the ongoing trials and tribulations of the saps good people who put deposits in on Elio Motors’ autocycle. With that in mind, maybe wait until you can actually visit a dealer and take an electric Moke out for a test drive before plunking down more than $15,000 on one.

Or, you know, do what you want. You’re an adult. If you do decide to put a deposit down on one of these electric Mokes, definitely scroll down to the comments section and tell us about all about that choice.


Source | Images: Moke America, via Autoblog.

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