Reborn Fisker Karma Revero to Begin Production This Month

It’s finally happening you guys. After years of rebuilding the company’s infrastructure and lots and lots of money getting spent, the Fisker Karma Revero is back! Production is scheduled to start on the slick-looking sedan this. Freaking. Month.

It’s amazing news. Especially since, after going bankrupt a few years ago, it seemed like the good-looking Fisker Karma hybrid super-sedan was done for. Yes, even in the face of massive Chinese financial backing, Fisker seemed like it was gone forever. Only slightly less likely to happen than Elio motors (which, if we’re all being honest, we always knew that s*** was never going to happen).

Production will initially begin in China, with ads already starting to air in Florida and California. The Karma Revero will, eventually, be built in the US, however. Plans already exist for a California plant that will employ 150 people who will assemble “knockdown kits” shipped over from China.


Karma Revero Ad

The new Karma will feature up to 50 miles of all-electric driving, with a combined gas/electric range of 300 miles. All in an absolutely gorgeous body, of course. Say what you will about Henrik Fisker- that guy can draw some nice looking cars. Some ugly ones, too, but that’s not the point.

Let us know what you think the odds of success are for this latest version of Henrik Fisker’s Karma sedan in the comments section at the bottom of the page. And, just for me, tell us what you think Henrik’s best looking car design is. For me, it’s the Artega.


Source | Images: Motorpasion Futuro.

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