BYD Delivers First 60′ Articulated Electric Bus In US

With a massive 547 kWh battery, the 60 foot long articulated electric bus from BYD has a range of 275 miles before it needs to be recharged. The first of these electric behemoths in America has now been delivered to the Antelope Valley Transit Authority, which serves Palmdale, Lancaster, and northern Los Angeles County. The BYD truck and bus factory is located in Lancaster.

BYD electric bus

AVTA has ordered a total of thirteen of the articulated electric buses manufactured by BYD. It plans to make its entire fleet powered by electricity by the end of 2018. BYD is also supplying the transportation system with its 259 kW WAVE wireless charging system, which can recharge the electric bus in just 2 hours. It is one of the highest power wireless charging systems in the world. Many of the wireless charging systems available for private cars today are limited to 3.3 kW of charging power.

At the delivery of the first articulated electric bus, Marvin Crist, chairman of theAVTA board of directors said,  “Today represents a special day for the AVTA. After years of vision and hard work, it ushers in a new era of high quality transit service that will serve our community well as AVTA becomes a model for other communities to follow.”

AVTA executive director Len Engel added, “Today would not have been possible without teamwork, both within AVTA and also with our partners at BYD Motors and WAVE who have worked so hard to pursue the dream of a zero emission transit fleet. Today is yet one more step towards the achievement of this vision.”

BYD is one of the leaders in electric bus transportation in the US. The University of California at Irvine recently signed a contract to purchase 20 of them from BYD. Last week, the company brought its entire product line to the ACT Expo in Long Beach, California, where it featured its new electric trash hauling truck, an electric drayage tractor and an electric fork lift in addition to four electric bus models.

Source: Inside EVs



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