Silly Season of Tesla Model 3 Sightings and Continued Fan Enthusiasm

The Tesla Model 3, the most anticipated all-electric vehicle from the visionary Silicon Valley automaker, was spotted again, this time by a determined fan. On Saturday, a Model 3 sighting occurred with a fan’s peek through a chain-link fence. The amateur photographer “decided to take a nice Saturday drive to the Tesla Fremont factory [and] found the test track.”

On this clear and sunny day, the shiny black Model 3 prototype sat stationery. Its windshield wipers were in constant motion and became the focus of much online discussion. Forum comments included how this production-ready car, with a petite front end and pleasant overall proportion, has a windshield that seems to extend fairly high up in relative comparison to the Model X. While it is difficult to fully ascertain the dimensions of the Model 3 from the clandestine photographs to date, the forum contributors noted the side profile indicates that the windshield might expand as far back as the driver’s face. The wipers, too, looked to some as if they have a fairly long reach.

Tesla Model 3Photo Credit: Imgur

With today’s focus on wipers and windshield, the gestalt created by forum participants was of the Tesla Model 3 as a wonderful combination of glass and the road, melding the driver inside with the terrain outside in one fluid motion. The majority indicated that the glass works well with Model 3’s compressed styling.

The small low-slung front end seems to anticipate cars of the future, which will have smaller fronts than currently in vogue. Comments in response included the car being “distinctive” and “unmistakable.”

Another highlight of the forum comments pointed to how far along testing of the Tesla Model 3 must be if something as minute as wipers are a testing focus. Is Tesla nearly done with the Model 3 testing?

Model 3 testing has taken place in formal spaces like the unveiling night test track and “in the wild,” such as near the Tesla headquarters, on highways around Silicon Valley, and alongside the Hyperloop track outside of SpaceX. The consensus among Model 3 watchers is that they’d love to see one in person. Like the fan who experienced serendipity to catch Saturday’s photos, seeing a Model 3 prototype is “super exciting.”

The Model 3 thunder is so pervasive and sometimes far-fetched that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has tried to downplay the Model 3 enthusiasm, acknowledging, “Model 3 is smaller, simpler, and will come with far fewer options than Model S, but it makes driving feel effortless and offers a good range of at least 215 miles for our starting model.”

What else can anybody do at this stage except imagine what it might be like to drive a Model 3? Let the sightings continue!

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Carolyn Fortuna

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