Italian Volt Introduces 3D-Printed Electric Motorcycle

Italian Volt is bringing a new fully customizable electric motorcycle to market. Called the Lacama, it has many unique features. The bodywork, frame, and swing arm of the Lacama are all 3D-printed. Customers can make modifications to any or all three of those components when placing their order.

Italian Volt electric motorcycle

They can also specify the shape and color for any of the 12 components that make up the bodywork. This level of customization has never been possible before for any motorcycle, much less an electric one. Only Local Motors offers something similar with the vehicles it builds.

Auto World News reports the Lacama has a 15 kWh battery, a range of 124 miles, and weighs 540. With 95 horsepower, it scoots to 60 mph (100 km/h) in 4.6 seconds. Top speed is given as 110 mph. The chassis comes complete with Brembo brakes and a suspension by Ohlins. Riders have a choice of 17 inch wheels made either from aluminum or carbon fiber.

The Lacama has a TFT touchscreen with GPS and smartphone connectivity for both iOS and Android. The screen keeps the rider informed of battery status, location, and various performance profiles. The battery needs 3 hours to recharge on household current (220 volts is the standard in Italy) but can get an 80% charge in 40 minutes using faster charging equipment.

Putting aside all the technical goodness of the Lacama, its ability to be custom designed to meet the needs and desires of the rider is what sets it apart from other electric motorcycles. Buyers are free to choose from a Roadster, a Scrambler, or a Cafe Racer style. Each bike will also be fully customizable in the way the bike rides and handles. Riders can choose between different torque and engine brake settings using the TTF screen.

Italian Volt was established in 2016 by a team of designers who previously worked at Lamborghini and Bertone. The company hopes to begin accepting orders for the Lacama in the fall of this year.

Source: High Snobiety


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