A Toyota Prius Owner Test Drives A Nissan LEAF

Originally published on CleanTechnica.
By Cynthia Shahan

“Well I can tell you the first thing I like about Nissans in general — is that I love their seats — the way they hug your body. The seats in my hybrid are not as nice.” Diego Alejandro continues: “This is really cool. I love all the high-tech stuff, the way it sounds when you turn it on. I like the sound. It sounds futuristic. It sounds like a jet.”

Diego drives a hybrid electric. I felt comparing a pure electric with a hybrid might be of interest to him. He drives fluidly, quite comfortably as we talk about myth busting and the misinformed public. He heard a lot of myths about hybrids before he drove a hybrid.

“All the rumors about electric cars are not true (negative rumors). Every rumor I heard about hybrids before I drove one were not true.” Quite the opposite. “The people who are the most vocal are the people being paid to be most vocal. So you’re hearing all about these cars (in some circles) and all the negative talk of electric cars are not true.”

“Everybody talks about the hybrid, the hybrid is slow. No, my car is very zippy.”

Diego and I talk politics for a while. It’s easy to slip there day after day if you try to wrap your mind around the delusional denial — if not sheer heartlessness — concerning the environment we all rely on, but especially future generations.

Diego shifts our conversation, “I have to give this to Nissan. I really love the way their cars handle the road. I will give you that. Better than my hybrid. My hybrid makes me feel uneasy on that turn. Because it makes me feel at any time it could at any time just slip — you know what I mean. But this feels like it’s there. It’s on the road. If I go like this — it turns, every movement. I’m not afraid if I yank the wheel — I’m not going to fly out of control. But this has good acceleration and braking.”

Diego also likes the backup camera. He points out that perhaps we are on satellite from above.

“Nissan should go into racing,” he adds.

Well, take a look at this:

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