Nissan’s EVs Can Provide Resilient Power & Mobile Emergency Backup

Originally published on CleanTechnica.
By Cynthia Shahan

I like the breeze off the Gulf of Mexico, but it’s sometimes too strong — the summer hurricane season is upon us, and who knows what’s around the corner? Those essential services we typically take for granted can stop quickly, and then be gone for hours or even days. The dark is nice for a change, but the food might spoil. No lights, no electricity, no cooling, no heating, no stove, no refrigeration — lacking these essentials for long presents a huge challenge for 21st century creatures.

Well, with the Nissan LEAF’s battery, we can get significant relief from such troubles. We can potentially get the (LED) lights back on. Nissan’s electric vehicles can potentially act as a mobile emergency backup.

Electric vehicles can also help in disaster relief if the grid comes back online before gas supply issues are resolved — which is often the case.

Make sure to have a resilient electric car for the next natural disaster.

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