UK Royal Navy Base Gets Electric Fleet Of 48 Nissan e-NV200 Combi Vans

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By Cynthia Shahan

The UK’s Royal Navy is launching into the future in a way that values and protects the environment around the world as well as in the UK. Electric fleet purchases are heating up as EVs get more and more competitive, and the Royal Navy is just the latest high-profile example. A fresh electric fleet has been launched at Portsmouth Naval Base, sporting 48 Nissan e-NV200 Combi electric vans via onsite contractors BAE Systems. reports:

Ian Anderton, Integrated Delivery Director at BAE Systems, added: “We have worked closely with Lex Autolease and Nissan to introduce this new fleet that makes a significant reduction to carbon dioxide emissions and respects ours customer’s need for value for money. Replacing nearly half of the transport fleet at the naval base reiterates the company’s commitment to creating more energy efficient ways of working and adopting the latest technologies.”

The Ministry of Defence has 26 charging points installed around the base. The low running costs for both fuel and maintenance – it costs as little as 2p per mile to run the Nissan vans – brings expectations of BAE  savings to around £360,000 over the course of the contract with Lex Autolease.

“With 26 charging points and 28 designated parking bays across the site, the vehicles can cover 106 miles on a full charge, and take just three hours to completely re-charge the batteries,” the press release adds.

And even more vitalizing: “The all-electric Nissan vans will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the naval base’s vehicle fleet by around 40 per cent.” Here’s a bit more on not only the uplifting EV news, but also a great bikesharing program:

  • The base has welcomed a new fleet of electric vans alongside the introduction of a Loan Bike Scheme, as part of transport and health initiatives being implemented at the base. The drive will help cut down on congestion, pollution, and running costs, while the cycle initiative will encourage healthy lifestyles.
  • The NAVY fit Loan Bike Scheme mirrors the ‘Boris Bike’ initiative from London, enabling you to hire a bike at one location in the city, returning it at your destination.
  • The initiative is being funded through a partnership between BAE, the Royal Navy, Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) as well as the RN Sports Lottery, and has provided 15 bikes so far, with plans to expand the scheme to 30 bikes in the summer.

The driver of the EV switch wasn’t actually about saving money (reportedly), but about protecting the environment we all rely on. “The electric vehicles have been ordered by BAE Systems on behalf of the Naval Base Commander as part of his commitment to investing in green energy on the naval base.”

Other initiatives already applied include: The installation of solar panels, LED lighting in offices, LED street lighting, air-source heat pumps, and intelligent control systems.

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