EPA, CAFE, CARB, & Trump: A Battle Looms Over Fuel Economy Standards

An epic battle is brewing between the EPA and CARB. Back in 2009, the US auto industry was on the ropes. GM in particular was facing bankruptcy and Chrysler stood on the brink of going out of business altogether. Then Uncle Sugar swooped in with offers of bailouts and loan guarantees. The car companies all stood up like eager Cocker Spaniels and said, “Yes, please. We would love some of those treats you have there.” The feds said there was a catch, though. “To get the goodies, you must first agree to a new CAFE standard of 54.5 mpg by the year 2025.”

US EPA sets fuel economy standards

“Yes, Uncle Sugar,” the car companies all replied. “We would be honored to make that promise to our dear Uncle who loves us and has such deep pockets.” And so the deal was done, the money flowed, and the industry recovered enough to establish new sales records for cars and light trucks in the US in 2015 and again in 2016. Then The Trump Who Stole Democracy came to town and the car companies immediately started talking out of the other side of their mouths.

“Oh, Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump. Please don’t be making us stick to the those promises we made 6 years ago. We were held hostage. We signed under duress. That mean ol’ Obama forced us to do it. Cut us some slack, dear kindhearted Mr. Trump, and roll back those fuel economy standards we all agreed to, cuz otherwise we won’t be able to sell every high-profit, gas-guzzling luxobarge we can weld, bolt, and screw together. We sure do like making a killing on those big vehicles, so you gotta get us off the hook here. And besides, a million or more American workers who all voted for you are going to lose their high-paying jobs if you don’t help us out.”

“No problem,” The Trump said. “I’ll just stick my close personal friend Scott Pruitt in as the head of the EPA. He hates the EPA. Loathes it the way a crime boss loathes competition. He’ll fix you right up.” And so it came to be, thanks to a compliant Congress that took one look at The Trump’s Cabinet full of Horribles and said, “Yes, sir. That’s a fine group of Americans The Trump has nominated. We’ll approve all of them except for that Secretary of Labor guy who runs a business where sexual harassment is on the menu at every one of his many restaurants. Even we have limits!”

The Evil Pruitt is now in a position to give the car companies what they so desperately want. The only question is, can Pruitt undo the regulations that Obama’s EPA — the one that actually gave a rat’s patoot about protecting people from premature health issues and death — set in place? The answer is, as usual, “It depends.”

California is the eye of the hurricane. It has been agitating for stricter emissions standards since the late 60s. When it comes to aggressive environmental policies, it is Ground Zero for the treehugger movement in the US. Things would be different if one sixth of all cars and light trucks weren’t sold in California, but they are, which makes The Golden State the tail that wags the dog when it comes to the auto industry.

No company can afford to ignore California if it wants to sell cars in the US market. “For the past 50 years, California has led the country and the world when it comes to clean cars,” Margo Oge, who directed EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality from 1994 to 2012, tells The Washington Post.

California gets away with its stranglehold on emissions standards because none other than Republican godhead Ronald Reagan signed legislation giving the EPA authority to grant a waiver of national emissions standards to any state that wanted to enact tougher standards. Only once in history has an administration refused to grant such a waiver. That was near the end of the Bush II follies and the Obama administration quickly overrode that anomaly.

But here’s the thing, boys and girls. Before leaving office, the EPA granted California a waiver to keep up its clean air program all the way until 2025. So the issue is not whether the EPA under Pruitt could refuse to grant a new waiver. The issue is whether the EPA can rescind a waiver it has already granted. That is a horse of a completely different color.

If Pruitt tries to undo what has already been done, CARB will scream bloody murder and its lawyers will be marching up the steps of the nearest federal courthouse within minutes. They are probably working on their motions and briefs this very minute. “There is no precedent for revoking a waiver, and there doesn’t appear to be a pathway in the Clean Air Act for doing that,” says Dan Becker, founder of the Safe Climate Campaign.

Who will win? No one knows, but it will be an epic legal battle that will end up before the Supreme Court eventually. And all in the name of greed by car companies who have aggressively opposed every safety and fuel economy proposal by the federal government since the Eisenhower administration. Nothing ever changes. It’s profits over people every time. America’s top car company executives should all be ashamed of themselves.

Source: The Atlantic

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