Nikola Tesla Explores The Model S (Fan-Made Commercial)

Originally published on CleanTechnica.

While Tesla doesn’t advertise as of yet (if the company hasn’t yet met demand, what would be the point?), there have been a number of pretty interesting Tesla ads that have surfaced in recent years … which were all made by enthusiasts rather than company employees or contractors.

One of these “interesting ads” made by Tesla enthusiasts recently came to my attention and seems worth reposting here. It depicts the company’s namesake, Nikola Tesla (an impersonator obviously), with a Tesla Model S.

I guess it should be noted here that the Model S in the video is one dating to before the recent refresh, so that does stand out, even if the video is otherwise fairly convincing. Here it is:

I’ll admit that that the actor doing a Nikola Tesla impersonation in the video doesn’t actually look all that much like the actual scientist did — but actors rarely look much like the people they are pretending to be, even in big-budget movies.

Here’s the lead-in to the video that was used at Teslarati (where I came across it): “Okay, the car shown in this one minute fan produced video is not the latest version of the Tesla Model S. In fact, it’s fairly dated. But the idea for this Tesla ad is sound and the production value is quite good. Tesla Motors doesn’t advertise, of course, although one could argue that Elon Musk’s masterful use of Twitter amounts to a form of promotion — and a quite successful one at that. But if it did, a one-minute spot like this might resemble the kind of thing an ad agency would put together.”

That’s an interesting point. While Tesla doesn’t actually advertise in the conventional way, its CEO Elon Musk certainly does use his celebrity, and “new” communications venues such as Twitter, to the great advantage of the firm.

Reprinted with permission.

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