New Survey for EV Drivers

We all know EVs are the future! We’re passionate about sharing the good news about electric vehicles across all our EV sites, and we know YOU too are excited to share your experiences with and thoughts about EVs with us.

So we’d like to hear what you have to say with this EV owner survey. This survey data will be used for practical consumer products that will improve the EV industry. In other words, this survey isn’t just for fun– it’s to grow the global EV industry!

This survey is designed for EV drivers only, so if you don’t own an electric vehicle yet, save yourself the time (if you need something to distract you, call your senators instead).

This survey is now closed! thanks to those that shared their thoughts!

EV owners can complete the survey here.

Here’s a quick summary before you get started: this survey will ask you some basics questions about EV ownership, charging (especially home EV charging), and related home electricity matters.

There are some detailed questions about preferred EV charging station interface, charging speed vs cost, the relative importance of different EV charger attributes, electricity usage, and solar + storage uptake. We look forward to seeing the results and sharing key findings with you.

Thanks for helping us improve EV-related products and grow the EV industry! To take the survey, CLICK HERE or fill it out below:

This survey is now closed! thanks to those that shared their thoughts!

Andrea Bertoli

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