World’s Largest Hybrid Ferry Coming To Norway In 2019

Color Line, one of Norway’s largest ferry companies, has signed a letter of intent with Ulstein Verft to build the world’s largest battery electric hybrid ferry. The 525 foot long Color Hybrid will carry 2,000 passengers and 500 cars and will operate between Sandefjord and Stromstad. It is expected to use only electric power in Sanderfjord itself and near the docks at either end of the route.

hybrid ferry

Gunvor Ulstein, CEO for Ulstein Verft says, “This is an important milestone for us and we are very pleased to have been selected to partner on this incredible project. We look forward to working with Color Line. The new ferry will be built Fosen Yard in Norway. “We are in the final stages, but there are only a few formalities remaining and some technical clarifications must be in place before the contract can be signed,” says shipyard boss Kristian Sætre. Fosen Yard has designed the new ferry in close cooperation with Ulstein Verft and Color Line

“The signing of the MoU represents a significant step to realize the world’s largest plug-in hybrid ship, and it is very gratifying that Norwegian shipbuilding industry has proved competitive internationally, says Trond Kleivdal of Color Line.

The batteries on board will  be charged at the Sandefjord dock using the French NG3 plug to connect to shore power, which is the same plug used on similar ferries. The battery pack size is not yet finalized but will be larger than 4 MWh. It will be capable of powering the ferry without assistance from the onboard diesel engine for a total of 30 minutes. The batteries can be recharged by the diesel engine while underway if necessary.

Design manager Per Edvin Tande of Fosen Yard says the Color Hybrid will use a new hull design. “There is a new and improved hull design which benefits from our experience and knowledge gained on past projects. Energy and environment concerns are the driving design factors for the equipment on board the new ferry,” says Tande.

“Our ambition is to be a leader in European short sea shipping and Color Hybrid’is a proof of this,” says Trond Kleivdal of Color Line. “Color Line is currently the only company in the international passenger and freight business to use only ships registered in Norway and owned by a Norwegian company. The focus on our new ships will be environmental technology.” The Color Hybrid will be approved for use in the United States thanks to its adherence to modern technological standards promulgated by the Norwegian government.

Source: TU News.   Hat Tip: Leif Hansen

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