At The Australia Day Antique Car Show

Hey, not that anyone noticed but I spent most of the month of January visiting family and relaxing on a beach near Sydney, Australia. Stayed in a lovely town that called Dee Why, which is part of the Northern Beaches region. Gorgeous small seaside community. My bride and I arranged a home exchange with a couple who own a condominium one block from the ocean. It was a fabulous place and I miss it already. Here’s a photo of the beach. Hope you are all insanely jealous! I even got to take in an antique car show while I was there.

Dee Why Beach, Australia

We left to return home on January 26, which is Australia Day in the land down under. Similar to the 4th of July in the US, it is an opportunity for Australians to go throw some shrimp on the barbie, drink some Toohey’s Old, and celebrate Australia’s independence from Great Britain. Fireworks are presented at the end of the day, but we were flying across the broad Pacific Ocean by then. It’s odd to leave Sydney at noon on Thursday and arrive in LA at 7:00 am the same day.

We took a stroll down to the beach one more time just before we left for the airport and chanced upon a collection of old cars that were assembled in the parking area next to the beach. There was also a pretty cool collection of old motorcycles parked along the Strand, the main road running along the waterfront.

I immediately thought of my friends here at Gas2 and fired up my Brownie box camera so I could share the collection of vintage vehicles with you. Some will be familiar to you; some are unique to Australia. I have done my best to identify them from memory. If I get any of the details wrong, I’m sure one of our Australian friends will set me straight.

Let’s start with some UK cars first.


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Now for some home grown cars and early American cousins.

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Finally, some cars from here and there.

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You two wheel fans, there was plenty to like, including a Matchless or two.

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Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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