Volvo Autonomous Cars Put People First (w/ Video)

Volvo Autonomous - Meet the Hain Family

Like Tesla, Honda, and other future-thinking carmakers, Volvo is pursuing autonomous driving solutions for the future. Volvo, however, claims to be doing things differently by putting people ahead of technology. Håkan Samuelsson, President & CEO, Volvo Car Group, explains that “Our main focus (at Volvo) has always been on people and making their lives easier. Technology should improve the consumer experience making mobility safer, sustainable and more convenient.”

To that end, Volvo will devote up to 100 driverless test cars to something called “the Drive Me project”. A collaborative research program consisting of several players from public, private and academic fields, Volvo calls it “probably the most advanced, ambitious and extensive real-life autonomous drive project in existence”.

“We want to learn more around how people feel when they engage and disengage autonomous drive,” said Volvo, in its official release. “What the handover should be like, and what sort of things they would do in the car when it’s driving them to their destination.” The Swedish carmaker plans to have the first fully autonomous car on the market by 2021– but it’s quick to point out that some of its current models already feature semi-autonomous driving programs as part of the company’s Pilot Assist system.

You can check out the offical Volvo video, below, introducing the Hain family. They’ll be the first family to join the Drive Me project, and the way they use and interact with their sel-driving car will help determine future design directions for Volvo and other Drive Me project partners. Enjoy!


Volvo Autonomous Car | Meet the Hain Family


Source | Images: Volvo.


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