RATP Autonomous EV Shuttle Service Launched in Paris (w/ Video)

Autonomous Shuttle in Paris

According to just about everyone, self-driving cars are the wave of the future. If that’s so, then the increasingly car-free city of Paris, France, has taken a big step towards that robot uprising autonomous future with the launch of two fully autonomous electric shuttle buses built by the RATP Group (Groupe RATP).

This is still very much a “first step” kind of thing, however, as the Easy Mile shuttles currently just have a single purpose: to shuttle passengers going back and forth over the Charles de Gaulle bridge. As it stands, the shuttles carry six passengers each, along with a human master driver meat-based liability mitigant, across the 800-foot bridge at about twelve miles per hour.

The “Easy Mile” is hardly a thrill-ride, then- but it’s also not being marketed as a thrill ride. It’s a shuttle. It saves people the hassle of getting a taxi for two minutes to drag their luggage across the bridge. It’s useful, in other words, and useful is good. Right? You can watch the RATP Group’s demonstration video in their own tweet, below, then check out a few pictures of the little shuttles in the gallery at the bottom of the post. I’ve named them Frank and Earnest, but if you have a better idea for what to call the things you can let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page.



RATP Autonomous Shuttle | Paris

Sources | Images: RATP and La Parisien, via Wired.

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