3 Videos: Electric GT Tesla Model S – in Action!

Tesla Model S - Electric GT

The PR machine behind the Electric GT series is gaining steam with a few new videos. The newly-announced spec sports car series plans to pit drivers against each other in identical, race-prepped Tesla Model S P100D sedans, and the latest videos showing the cars in action clearly show two things: the cars are quiet, and the cars are fast!

The first video in line, below, shows a modified and stripped-down Model S doing a quick flyby as it dives into a set of twisty corners at the Pau Grand Prix Circuit in France. It looks like a gorgeous track, and it should be- it has a rich F1 history and should also be familiar to fans of the Formula 3 feeder series.

The second and third videos are a bit more teaser-y, and have a lot more “Hollywood” to them. Still, they’re worth a watch, if only to check out the aggressive and purposeful styling of the great-looking P100D EGT race cars. So, kick back and enjoy … but don’t get too comfortable. There’s still only about 3 minutes of video of these things, total. Let’s hope the Tesla Model S batteries can hold out for a bit longer than that on race day!


Electric GT Tesla Model S | Track Test Video


EGT Championship Tesla Model S Teaser Video

It was an enjoyable debut at the Autosport Show for the Electric GT (EGT) Championship, the world’s first 100% zero-emissions GT championship, as exclusive announcements were made and the race-prepared Tesla Model S starred in front of a fervent audience for the first time.


Electric GT Championship | About the Cars


Source | Images: Electric GT Championship, via Autoblog.

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