Electrip Travel App Aims To Make EV Range Anxiety A Thing Of The Past

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are an exciting and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.  However, when venturing out beyond your daily commute, driving an electric vehicle often creates more stress than it’s worth. The idea of traveling long distances in an EV creates range anxiety and ultimately inhibits a lot of people from buying electric vehicles. EV owners are haunted by being stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery/EV. While recent improvements in EV battery technology has resulted in a longer range on a single charge, it still requires careful trip planning to ensure you can drive your EV over longer distances worry free. This is where Electrip comes in. [Full disclosure: This post has been generously sponsored by Electrip.]

Electrip is the first and only EV travel app designed to put you at ease when driving outside of your daily travel routine. It can get you from point A to point B without you being forced to manually plan your entire route, doing calculations (with variables) to figure out where you need to charge your EV along the way. The calculations are difficult and prone to error; let Electrip do it for you. When planning your route, Electrip will make the predictions and give you turn by turn directions based on:

  • What make, model, and year your EV is
  • Current charge status of your battery
  • Rate at which your battery discharges as you are driving
  • Whether you are using the heat and A/C in your vehicle
  • Driving speed
  • Locations of charging stations on your route

Plan your route from New York City to Sweet Home Alabama in a matter of seconds. We are taking the hassle and stress out of driving an electric vehicle over long distances.

Electrip was designed to make driving an EV over longer distances as convenient as driving a gas-powered vehicle. We believe driving an electric vehicle provides a lot of tangible benefits; but, EV drivers had to make too many compromises that we don’t think you should have to do.

You should not have to go to several different planning sources to plan that fun weekend road trip. Even after going through all those sources, you still might run into unexpected issues and there’s no easy way to correct your trip after hitting the road. There is no way to calculate for that traffic jam you got caught in, your EV isn’t charged as much as what you thought it was going to be, you had to make an unexpected stop, or any of the other things that might come up when driving.

When you use Electrip, you are prepared for the unexpected in your electric vehicle. There are three easy steps that will get you where you want to go. Those steps are:

  1. Pull out your phone
  2. Put in the location you are trying to get to and the status of your battery
  3. Start driving your car

Electrip will take care of getting you where you need to go; worry free.

We are currently in beta and could use some testing support to ensure we are making Electrip the best it can be before we open it up to the public. We are looking for any kind of feedback you can give us on how to make Electrip better. We believe we have created something extremely useful to electric vehicle owners and are excited to get this in your hands. Sign up to be in our beta group for free at www.electrip.co. The free beta test is open to the first 100 EV users to respond.

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