S. Korea Seeks Criminal Prosecution Against VW Execs

Korea to Seek Criminal Prosecution Against VW Execs

The fallout surrounding Volkswagen’s emissions control cheating scandal continues to accumulate. Just weeks after the VW brand Audi was caught cheating emissions tests with both diesel and gasoline powered Audi models, the government of South Korea has announced that it plans to file criminal charges against five former and current executives at Volkswagen Group’s South Korean unit.

According to Automotive News reports, the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) said that it would ask prosecutors to investigate VW’s headquarters, its South Korean unit, and five former and current executives, alleging that Volkswagen made “false, exaggerated, or deceptive” claims in its ads. If the charges hit home, possible punishment for the VW execs could range from jail terms of up to two years or fines of up to 150 million won.

Those potentially hefty criminal fines come in addition to more than 37 billion won fines ($31 million) levied against VW for false advertising on vehicle emissions in the Asian country, and a further 17.8 billion won fine for cheating on the emissions tests. All of those fines are in addition to the nearly $15 billion settlement with the American EPA, and does not include similar fines coming from China and the EU.

For its part, Audi-Volkswagen Korea (AVK) said that it was, “committed to rebuilding trust with the authorities and with customers and other stakeholders in Korea,” in a statement released earlier this week.

No word, yet, on how VW plans to deal with the criminal charges heading their way in a number of international courts- but that’s never stopped us from flaming them brutally in the comments section! Head on down to the bottom of the page and let us know what you think the courts should do with VW execs who knowingly participated in the scandal- and don’t worry about playing nice when you do.


Source: Automotive News Europe.

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