2017 Bandit9 Eve Liquid Black May Be the World’s Sexiest Moped

Bandit9 Eve Liquid Black

We love mopeds here at Gas 2– and it’s easy to see why. The small, lightweight bikes offer urban mobility without anything near the carbon footprint of cars, and are usually accessibly priced. Usually. The latest rolling sculpture from the moped artisans at Bandit9, however?

Not so much.

Why do I say that? Because the Bandit9 Eve Liquid Black shown here costs a full ten-thousand three-hundred and fifty US American dollars. That’s $10,350 in numerical form- and a full $3000 more than Paul Elio is currently asking for his vaporware pre-production three-wheeler. Heck, that’s enough money to buy a wholly dependable used car that’s equipped with stuff like power windows, cruise control, and air conditioning. Maybe even doors!

What makes this bantamweight motorcycle worth the steep asking price? Well, if words like “hand-crafted” and “bespoke” don’t mean anything to you, then there’s very little that can be said to convince you. Even so, the Bandit9 Eve Liquid Black is motivated by a 125cc Honda single mated to a clutchless, foot-operated, motorcycle-style gearbox. Every part of the bike is hand-crafted and meticulously pondered over, and there will only be 9 of these bikes built.


If that makes sense to you, head on over to the bike’s official product page and drop a deposit on them. Once you’re done with that, we’d appreciate it if you could head on back to this article and let us know what the purchasing experience was like in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Or, you know, just let us know why you think buying one of these would be insane. Either way.


2017 Bandit9 Eve Liquid Black

Source | Photos: Bandit9, via Design Boom.

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