Breast Feeding: the Secret of Max Verstappen’s Success

Secret of Max Verstappen Success

Max Verstappen is one of a rare phenomena in sport. He is an athlete that possesses a preternatural talent. He blasted on to the scene like a Jordan or a Tyson or a Phelps. Max immediately stole the Formula 1 spotlight in 2016, and challenged everything we thought we knew about the established F1 pecking order by casually driving around champions like Vettel, Raikkonen, Button, and Alonso in Brazil. In the rain. We may be witnessing now, in F1, the rise of the greatest driver to ever turn a wheel in anger. And, maybe- just maybe- it’s because his mom is still breast feeding him.


That’s a joke, obviously. Probably, anyway. Still, it’s worth pointing out that breast feeding your kids really does offer a number of significant for both mama and baby. You never know- if you keep it going into their teen years, maybe they’ll grow up to become Formula 1 winners like Max Verstappen, right?

OK. That’s probably not true, either.

All the same, I’m sure a number of sports medicine doctors, trainers, coaches, and team bosses alike have noticed young Max’s talents. Certainly our own Steve Hanley has, and he sung Max’s praises loudly even as the 2016 World Drivers’ Championship was being decided. Such was the impact Max’s win in Spain and thrilling drive in the downpour at Interlagos.

That’s enough from me, though. What do you guys think is behind Max Verstappen and his exceptional talent? Is it Sophie’s boobs? Is it Jos Verstappen’s boobs? Is it my boobs? The world may never know- but you can share your theories in the comments, below. Enjoy!


Source: Natalie Pinkham’s Twitter feed.

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