IKEA Adding Fast Charger Stations To Stores In Norway

IKEA has announced that it will install fast charger facilities at all its stores in Norway. Recently Norway’s climate and environment minister, Vidar Helgesen, and Christina Bu, general secretary of the Norwegian EV Association, were on hand for a ribbon cutting ceremony for the first fast charging station at the IKEA store in Slependen. IKEA also has installed fast charger equipment at its Ringsaker store and will add more to its locations in Trondheim, Bergen and Kristiansand next year. Stavenger will join the list when a new warehouse under construction there is finished. A fast charger in Norway are known as a Speedloader.

IKEA fast ev charger in Norway

“I’m impressed by IKEA, not only because they open charging stations, but because this work is part of a more general sustainability thinking. I hope more companies are going after and thus facilitate it in 2025 is only zero-emission cars sold in Norway,” said Helgesen. He also took the opportunity to call on the company to lower the emissions from its fleet of delivery vans and heavy trucks. Perhaps IKEA could take a page from Deutsche Post which decided to build its own electric delivery vans after no traditional car companies were interested in the project.

The facility at the Slependen IKEA store has four fast charger stations and four flex charges. It is operated by  Fortum Charge & Drive. Drives can pay to charge via a smartphone app or by using a Fortum or EV Society account. :We are proud to expand IKEA charging stations at all its stores. Now it gets even a little easier for people to choose electric cars,” says Jan Haugen, manager of Fortum Charge & Drive.

Christina Bu added. “It’s great that IKEA contributes to the development of a road transport emissions. Several industry should open their eyes to electric vehicle development and providing charging for their customers. We are now approaching 100,000 EVs [in Norway] and the development of charging stations is lagging. It must be as easy to recharge your electric car as it is to fill the tank of a conventional car.

“Today we have about 650 fast chargers in Norway. The EV Association believes we we need one quick charger for every 100 EVs on the road. That means we need 350 more fast chargers just to catch up. If we are to be close to phasing out petrol and diesel car sales by 2025, we will need to have at least 300,000 electric cars in Norway in 2020. This means that we must build at least 500 new quick chargers each year going forward,” Bu added.

Source and photo credit: Elbil Norway

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