Plug In America Partners With URI For New England Electric Car Initiative

Spurred by a $500,000 grant from the US Department of Energy, Plug In America will partner with the University of Rhode Island to promote the electric car revolution in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont. (Why New Hampshire and Maine  are not included is unclear. Perhaps those states have too many Trump supporters?) URI’s Ocean State Clean Cities Coalition will push for the adoption of electric car use in the Biggest Little State In The Nation™.

URI electric car initiative

Named “Advancing PEV Adoption in New England,” the project will focuses on accelerating the deployment of battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It’s all part of a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the region. The project also contributes to the EV Everywhere Grand Challenge, which seeks to make the United States the first country to produce a wide array of plug-in electric models that are as affordable and convenient as the gasoline powered vehicles we drive today.  The target date for the Challenge is 2022.

“It is our mission to educate and promote the benefits of plug-in cars throughout the country,” Joel Levin of Plug in America said. “We are excited and committed to replicate our successes elsewhere in Rhode Island and with our Northeast partners.” The Ocean State Clean Cities Coalition will work with the URI Transportation Center, Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management to introduce Rhode Island residents to the advnatages of driving electric vehicles.

“I am thrilled to be collaborating with Plug In America to create an Electric Vehicle Showcase in Rhode Island and across New England,” said Wendy Lucht, Ocean State Clean Cities coordinator and URI research associate. “This award will raise awareness among consumers and businesses of the significant environmental and economic benefits of using electric vehicles. The URI Transportation Center and Ocean State Clean Cities is proud to demonstrate a leadership role in the education and outreach necessary for the widespread adoption of this technology.”

Funds from the award will be used for public, workplace, and fleet events starting next year. “I will be organizing EV Showcase events in Rhode Island, focusing on public events and working with fleet managers,” Lucht said.

Plug In America is the leading national consumer voice for the use of plug-in electric vehicles in the United States. It focuses on consumers, policymakers, auto manufacturers, among others. It created National Drive Electric Week and has worked to promote EV charging facilities at such leading corporations as Google, Mattel and Paramount Pictures.

Source: University of Rhode Island

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