BYD Now Third Largest Electric Car Manufacturer

In global sales, BYD is now third in total sales of electric cars (including plug-in hybrids). Nissan-Renault leads with 369,000 (the Renault Zoe is very popular in France and the rest of Europe). Tesla is in second place with 164,000 cars sold and BYD is just a tick behind with 161,000 sales. Those numbers were as of the end of September. When the final numbers are in at the end of this year, BYD may have vaulted into sole possession of second place.

BYD Tang plug-in hybrid SUV
BYD Tang plug-in hybrid SUV

Most of the company’s sales are in China, with some cars sold in South America. Through the end of September, it reported 74,030 worldwide sales in 2016 versus Tesla’s 54,043. It is now selling about 10,000 cars a month. Most popular are its Qin plug-in hybrid sedan and its powerful Tang plug-in hybrid SUV. The Tang is said to be as fast as a Corvette. It is the best selling “new energy car” in China so far this year.

BYD also offers the e6 all electric car, launched in China in 2010. The e6 was certified for sales in the US by the EPA from from 2012 through 2014. In the American market, it was used primarily by taxi services. It is also sold in Spain, Columbia, and a few other markets. The 5 door hatchback car has proven popular with taxi fleets in those markets as well.

BYD also has a thriving electric bus business in China, Europe, and the US. It builds buses in the United States in a factory in Lancaster, California. As the company learns more about the American market, we can expect it to begin selling its cars in the US within the next few years. The Tang SUV should appeal strongly to US shoppers who want a sport utility vehicle that also has a lower carbon footprint.

Source: Hybrid Cars  Photo credit: BYD

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