4 New BMW Motorcyles Coming to EICMA (and 1 That Isn’t)

BMW R12 Flug 2 Concept

EICMA might be the biggest motorcycle show in the world, and BMW has plans to make a strong showing with four new and revised models set to make their debut. We have some ideas as to what those might be, but we know for sure, with complete metaphysical certitude, what won’t show up: this Rotax-engined BMW-based R12 ultralight aircraft concept.

Designed by Nicolas Petit, the Tribute R12 concept plays up the visual similarity between the BMW’s R12 parallel-twin and the Rotax aviation twin. At the same time, the BMW motorcycles’ roundel/propeller imagery is replaced with a literal propeller. It’s impossibly cool, and definitely more interesting than whatever it is BMW is actually going to build.

Or, is it?

The BMW R1200GS practically defines the high-end Adventure Touring class of bikes. For 2017, BMW motorcycles’ boxer twin gets a few tweaks to make it Euro4 emissions compliant and churn out a few extra horsepower. An visual refresh is also expected (think LEDs), as are some minor chassis refinements to make the bike a bit more highway-friendly.


BMW Motorcycles at EICMA | 2017 BMW G310S Spy Photo

2017 BMW G310GS Spy Pic - Asphalt and Rubber

This will be BMW’s new entry-level GS bike. Built to visually resemble its larger, GS cousins, the G310GS is expected to carry the 313cc single-cylinder engine from the G310R. A long-travel suspension will ensure that the littlest G rides like the big boys do, too.

Speaking of BMW’s entry-level offerings, the company is expected to introduce a new, 400cc version of its C Maxi scooters. We’re big fans of BMW’s C scoots, and named them to our list of Best Fuel-efficient Motorcycles You Can Buy at least once. This newest BMW C will be more “touring” focused, which probably translates from German into “cushy seat, more trunk space”.


BMW Motorcycles at EICMA | 2017 BMW R Nine T Urban GS

BMW Lac Rose R Nine T Concept

Finally, BMW is believed to be building a more “Urban GS” version of the highly customizable R Nine T. Styling is most likely a throwback to the Lac Rose concept (shown, above), which was designed to celebrate a time when the Dakar Rally actually concluded in Senegal. The bike should offer an ADV experience that is a bit more vintage/trendy than what the BMW R1200GS or R1200GS Adventure offer, which should bring it right in line with popular new bikes like the new-for-2017 Triumph Bobber.

So, what do you think? Do you think any of the new BMW motorcycles coming to EICMA are more exciting than Petit’s Flug death machine? Of course you don’t- but if you’d like to pretend you’d rather have a 313cc entry-level bike than a sci-fi/steampunk masterpiece, feel free to tell us why in the comments. We’re ready to believe you.


Source | Images: Nicolas Petit, Asphalt and Rubber.

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