Gov’t Officials to Tour Elio Motors Factory Looking for Answers


Government officials in Shreveport, Louisiana will be headed to Elio Motors’ factory in order to get a firsthand look at the condition of the plant and, hopefully, get some questions answered. Basic, simple questions. Questions like, “Where is Elio and the promise of that 3-wheeled car? And what’s happening inside the old General Motors plant in Shreveport?” according to the local ABC news affiliate.

You can hardly blame them for being a little curious. Especially after years of Elio making dubious promises without delivering on- well, any of them.

Elio Motors’ promises of 1500 new jobs and economic recovery for the people of Shreveport, Louisiana were met with a great deal of excitement from the Caddo parish. So much so, in fact, that the parish voted 11:1 in favor of having the beleaguered town spend three-million of its taxpayers’ dollars to help Elio move in to the abandoned GM factory. That was back in August of 2013. Three years later, the jobs haven’t appeared, and neither have any of Elio’s “innovative”, low-tech, high-MPG three-wheeled vehicles.

I bet the early plan to just rip all the copper wire out of the old GM plant and sell it for scrap seems like a good one now, doesn’t it? State. Rep. Cedric Glover seems to think so, and has started to invoke federal investigation into Elio from the looks of things. “I think that an investigation needs to be held both at the state level,” he said. “I think the possibility exists that the folks at the Federal level should have a substantial interest in this, since that’s where all of this started.”


Don’t let my cynical nature and previous knowledge of exactly this sort of thing sway you, though. Make up your own mind, and tell me why you think I’m wrong about Elio in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Before you do that, though- maybe watch the ABC news article, below, and see if that sways you. Enjoy!


Gov’t Officials to Tour Elio Motors Factory Looking for Answers

Source | Images: – Shreveport, LA News, Weather and Sports.


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