Ran into an Old Friend at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas

Mosler MT900 Nelson Racing Engines IAD Tigershark

As you might recall from another post earlier this week, I was at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas over the weekend when I ran into Elio’s little orange sales-mobile. On the other side of the show (and the extreme other side of the automotive spectrum) I ran into this 2004 Mosler MT900.

Designed to weigh in at just 900kg, the featherweight Mosler MT900 has a special place in my heart as it was the first major automotive project I had the privilege of working on. Besides that, it’s hard not to love Warren Mosler’s answer to an automotive question that has kept enthusiasts awake at night for nearly fifty years. Namely: What if the Corvette made the same amount of power but weighed 1000 lbs. less?

The Corvette-engined Mosler MT900 coupes lay waste to just about anything they were compared to both in GT endurance races and magazine comparison tests, and it did so while delivering just under 30 MPG. In the late 90s, when we first started working on these cars, performance like that with any kind of fuel economy was unheard of- making the Mosler really well ahead of its time. This one?

This one goes a bit further, still, with a set of massive turbochargers force-feeding air into a Nelson Racing Engines-built V8 good for up to 2500 HP in race trim. Yikes!!

One day, I’ll share some stories about trying to build a large, mid-engine luxury sedan that made 40 MPG and accelerated like a Corvette based on one of Mosler’s racing chassis. And, maybe, the one about how that turned into a sixteen-cylinder, all-wheel-drive Cadillac ElDorado that we blasted from Palm Beach to Las Vegas a few weeks later in a mad, slapdash 23 hours. All for another time, though. Until then, check out the pictures, below, then let us know what you think of this “Tigershark” Mosler in the comments section. Enjoy!


Mosler MT900 / IAD Tigershark

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