What’s the Difference Between F1, IndyCar, Formula E, and WRC?

Giant spreadsheet shows difference between major racing series F1, IndyCar, Formula E

How are the cars from Formula 1 and IndyCar different? How are they the same? How do they compare to the all-electric Formula E racers and how do those stack up to GP2 cars, IndyLights, or even championship go-karts? If you’ve ever had thoughts like that, the massive data-dump from Reddit user and racing enthusiast “mrwunwun”, above, should just about make your day.

We last spoke about the differences between Formula 1 and IndyCar teams back in May. It was Indy500/Monaco GP time, and Steve Hanley’s article went into detail about the massive difference in the teams’ budgets and investments in aerodynamic development. Even so, the article took some heat in the comments for being more talk, less tech.

Thanks to the massive amount of data up there in the spreadsheet? This article will, hopefully, be able to avoid similar claims of wordiness. INB4 someone says we didn’t write “enough” this time.


Source | Image: Reddit user MrWunWun.

Jo Borrás

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