Tesla Model X 60D Cut From Lineup: Also, I’m Back


Elon Musk says that Tesla doesn’t make slow cars, which is true. He also doesn’t make affordable cars, and with the removal of the Model X 60D from the lineup after just three months on sale, Elon’s electric automaker became just a little further out of reach for most people.

Also, I’m back to writing for Gas2. Whaaaa….?

The Model X 60D debuted this past summer with a MSRP of $74,000 and a driving range of 200 miles, or 37 miles less than the 75D model that came before. Both models use the same 75 kWh battery pack, but the 60D can only access 80% of the battery’s potential, thus the lower range and lower price. For $9,500 buyers could “unlock” the extra range, however, allowing them to save $2,000 compared to the cost of the 75D. Could it be that a few too many customers were abusing this loophole?

Maybe, although as CNET reports, it’s just as likely that the 60D was simply a slow seller. There’s also another excuse for the quick cancellation of the Model X 60D, and that’s the existence of the Model S 60. Aimed at the more frugal futurist, the cheapest Tesla in the lineup stickers for “just” $66,000. Factor in the $7,500 Federal tax rebate and you functionally have purchased a Tesla for $56,500 with a 210-mile driving range. From that perspective, the Model X 60D never really made much sense, and was perhaps an ill-conceived attempt to drum up sales.

That’s close to Elon’s original promise of building a $50,000 Model S, which he did in the form of the rare 40 kWh version. It, too, lasted just a few months before ending up on the chopping block. Doesn’t exactly bode well for the $35,000 version of the Model 3, does it?

It’s good to be back.

Christopher DeMorro

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