2017 Vespa GTS Gets Fuel-saving Stop/Start Tech

2017 Vespa GTS Stop Start

With an all-new engine available in both 125cc and 150cc single-cylinder variants, the latest iteration of the steel-bodied Vespa GTS scooter emitting very few emissions on the go and, now- thanks to stop/start technology- zero emissions at idle. That means that this latest GTS is packing some pretty serious green cred.

How serious? For starters, Vespa (and parent company, Piaggio) are calling the new liquid-cooled GTS engines i-GET, for Green Experience Technology. It uses a new crankshaft and starter motor in concert with an advanced, Bosch-developed fuel injection system that uses barometric pressure sensing to maximize power while minimizing emissions. And, of course, timing the cylinder’s new start/stop features flawlessly with almost no “start up” vibrations transmitted to the rider.

Granted, Vespas are Italian- and that stuff never works. My 1982 Lancia Beta coupe had Bosch fuel injection, though- and it was OK most of the time. Kind of.

It’ll be fine.


Start/Stop, Steel, and Vespa’s Green Cred

2017 Vespa GTS Tech Specs 125 150

The latest i-GET engines from Piaggio enable the new Vespa’s to meet Europe’s strictest emissions regulations, meaning there will still probably be Vespas on the road long after their four-wheeled brethren are dead and buried. Part of that is down to politics in cities like Paris and Madrid, and part of it is down to the general longevity of the Vespa’s steel frame.

Most scooters and electric bikes are made of plastics that can fade and crack in the sun. While the Vespa’s steel frames and bodies can rust, that can be repaired, and fifty year old Vespas are common enough that full restorations and high-horsepower hot rod versions show up now and again.

Let’s see a modern EV- even a Tesla!- stay relevant fifty years later!


Source | Images: Vespa, via Motorpasion.

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