I’m Back … Did Anyone Get Their Elio, Yet?

Elio Motors - 2016

Hi, kids! It’s been a little over four months since the last time I published anything on these pages (cancer’s a bitch, amirite?). This site has definitely changed in those months. It is now very much Steve’s baby, now. Still, I’m glad again to be welcomed back with open arms. One thing that hasn’t changed, though? There are tens of thousands of people who put their hard-earned money down on Elio Motors’ 3-wheeled wündercar still don’t have squat to show for it.

Or do they?

Back in January of this year, Elio was promising that deliveries of its Autocycle would begin “in mid 2016“. By my calendar, that’s right about the time I checked out. As such, some of you Elio Motors true-believers have been able to prove that Elio is the real deal by taking delivery of your farm-fresh three-wheeler, right? Surely!

So, in order to lay all those claims about Elio Motors being a long con and never, ever happening to rest once and for all, I invite you- the long-time readers and commenters of Gas 2 and Reddit’s r/eliomotors board to come on down and tell us all first-hand about the delivery process, what you like and don’t like about driving your Elio, how many real-world MPGs the little trike is giving you, and whether or not it was just like those Onion ads said it would be.

What’s that? Oh- well, it looks like no one has actually gotten their Elio, yet … and that Elio’s plan to rectify this is to show yet another concept vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show next month.


Even Reddit Has Turned On Elio

Back in 2013/2014, whenever I’d write about Paul Elio a screeching, frothing mass of true believers rained into the comments section. Usually, they ended up calling me a liberal, a conservative, a racist, a hippie, and a paid schill for Big Oil. Big Oil- if you’re listening, I’m happy to take your money. But, when I went to check in on the subreddit today, I found a very different attitude towards Elio.

    u/rushclay wrote: You’re going to build 24 E cars, then 100 fleet vehicles, AND 250,000 production vehicles by the end of 2017? You’re going to need more cocaine. Five months per car isn’t cutting it. Maybe you should hire some Mexicans. They aren’t afraid to put in a good day’s work.

    u/Albert0_kn0x wrote: Notice it is going to a car show where it will be used as a fundraising tool. Not to the track for testing, not for durability tests, not for crash tests, Heck, not to be driven at all. Unfortunately the media keeps just repeating Elio’s breathless press releases, giving them an air of credibility. New deposits will be made and new suckers investors will line up for a second stock offering … I’m amazed the FTC or SEC hasn’t shut this scam down.


The most amazing thing of all, though, was that they seemed to be able to post all that without anything near like the anger and defensiveness I used to get over there. Seems like old “Honest Abe” was right, I guess … but what do you guys think? Is Elio making the right move by delaying the launch of his “proven” high MPG trike in favor of developing an all-new electric, or is this just another attempt to snag some tax dollars? Let me know what you think in the comments, below. Enjoy!


Original content from Gas 2.


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