How is Ford Celebrating Drive Electric Week?

Ford Electric car

Next week we’ll be covering the sixth annual Further with Ford conference, which happens to be scheduled during National Drive Electric Week. Coincidence? We think not. As batteries become cheaper, charging stations more widespread, and cities look toward banning gas-powered cars, it’s clear that the future is not dino-powered. In case you missed it, clearly Ford feels the same.

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What would you like to see them do to improve your mobility?

With more people living in cities and eschewing cars in the developed world, will car companies be forced to downsize? Or will they find new ways to create shareholder value?

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Ford asks:

“Why?” The simplest of questions often leads to the deepest insights and boldest innovations: Why do we constantly crave things that are new and different? Why do we sometimes fail to act in our own best interests? Perhaps most daring of all – why is it that so many want to make the world a better place, yet so few are successful?


Susanna Schick

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